Monday, September 18, 2017

apples potions

Speed potion
  1. One Liter of cheetah blood
  2. Three  kgs of jafas
  3. Three teaspoons of slime
  4. five million lama spits
  5. Five dead birds
  6. And one king cobra
How to make put the litter of cheetah blood into a bottle that is heated two 100 gc
Put the jafas into then three teaspoons of slime and the lama spits then the dead birds and the king cobra then drink straight away

Flight potion
  1. One unicorn horn
  2. Two liters  of  rocket fulde
  3. Twenty liters of moose milk  
How to make put the unicorn horn into a pot wait for five minutes then add the rocket fule and moose milk and wait for two days and then drink

Invisibility potion    
  1.  One chameleon tail  
  2. One liter of salt
  3. And one g of garlick
How to make
Put the chameleon into a pot then add the salt stir for 5 minutes then add garlic trhen put in fridge for 2 hours then drink .



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