Monday, September 25, 2017

Julie Lamb - Towns of the Wairarapa

Wairarapa means ‘Land of Glistening Water in Maori’. I have found interesting facts about some of the towns in the Wairararpa.


Greytown was named after SIr Governor George Grey who arranged for the land to be bought from local Maori. Greytown was the first town in New Zealand to celebrate Arbor Day on July 3rd 1890. Arbor Day is a celebration of trees where people are encouraged to plant trees.


Featherston is the gateway to the Rimutaka ranges with a winding drive over the hill to Wellington.  Featherston was originally called Burlings after the first settlor, Henry Burling. Featherston’s military training camp was a major training camp in WW1.


Martinborough is an important wine producing area of New Zealand. It has warm micro climate with hills to the east and west which is ideal for growing wine. Each year they have a wine festival called Toast Martinborough to celebrate the wineries and the wines they produce. Martinborough is also where my Mum and Dad got engaged!


Every Masterton hosts the Golden Shears competition which is where New Zealand’s and the world’s top shearers and wool handlers compete to be the best. Masterton became the first town in New Zealand to have a completely automated telephone exchange.


Carterton was originally called Three Mile Bush and was later renamed after Charles Carter. Carterton calls itself the daffodil capital of New Zealand and holds a Daffodil Festival each year on the second Sunday in September


Castlepoint is a wind sweep beachside town on the Wairarapa coast. It has a lighthouse at one end of the beach and I have climbed the stairs to the lighthouse. Each summer the locals hold the Castlepoint horse races where horses are raced on the beach.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Chicken Scraps.

Chicken Scraps

Pop loves nothing more than collecting the scraps and turning them into what he considers to be delicious meals for dinner. Create a 3 course dinner menu describing the dishes in full detail using the kinds of things Summer may have collected from the chicken scraps.
Starter:wheat pretzels.
Dessert:butter and whipped cream.

the boys

The boys
Why did the chicken cross the road to go to the toilet
Why does everyone run away mrs macy because she is so ugly that if you look at her you explode
Why did the toilet roll down the hill to get to the bottom
Press ctrl shift qq see what happens ha ha you logged off
Why did the chicken not cross the road cause it saw k.f.c. on the other side
What do you call a def dinosaur anything it can not hear you
Do you want a joke you having friends
Do you want a joke your future
Do you want a  joke your mum
Your mum is so ugly she made hello kitty say good bye

chicken scraps

Chicken scraps
Course 1
Roasted rotten carrots with five rotten melons and  five roasted butt half
digested strawberries
Course 2
Rotten carrots a moldy pork chop and five rotten lenses
Course 3
One rotten orange coated in year old honey.







Monday, September 18, 2017


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Take a trip inside my mind.

Take a trip inside my magical mind. It’s where I go when I’m bored. I dream of a candy place where I have silver wings, shroomite armour, shroomite digging claw, elf-melter and scourge of the corrupter with Leo. Take a trip inside my mind where I drift off to sometimes. I wonder will the fire burn my house? I sometimes dream what happens later in my life. I can be found playing tag or in the back room. At times I feel sad and happy. When no one is watching I sometimes hesitate. I think of cactus-man. My hope is that I get a sweet shop when i’m an adult. This year I will play basket ball. When no one is listening I sometimes yawn.

Pede patterns homework

A long-back 1 pede
How many squares does a long-back 4 pede have?
Draw a long-back 12 pede.

Draw two long-back pedes as a infinite symbol.

Evan's Inquiry about machines

Pencil shot#1 by Evan

The pencil shot#1, is a high powered device capable of firing a pencil at high speeds.
The pencil shot #1 has a:wood,plastic or metal tube,elastic,grip and pencil to fire.
You pull on the launcher which stretches the elastic building a force so when you let go ‘fling’ the pencil flies off.
The forces are pull and air resistance.

apples potions

Speed potion
  1. One Liter of cheetah blood
  2. Three  kgs of jafas
  3. Three teaspoons of slime
  4. five million lama spits
  5. Five dead birds
  6. And one king cobra
How to make put the litter of cheetah blood into a bottle that is heated two 100 gc
Put the jafas into then three teaspoons of slime and the lama spits then the dead birds and the king cobra then drink straight away

Flight potion
  1. One unicorn horn
  2. Two liters  of  rocket fulde
  3. Twenty liters of moose milk  
How to make put the unicorn horn into a pot wait for five minutes then add the rocket fule and moose milk and wait for two days and then drink

Invisibility potion    
  1.  One chameleon tail  
  2. One liter of salt
  3. And one g of garlick
How to make
Put the chameleon into a pot then add the salt stir for 5 minutes then add garlic trhen put in fridge for 2 hours then drink .



HugoĊ› Inqury on simpel machiens

Evan and Harrison's Taupo work

Mrs Macy

  1. She is a stalker  
  2. She wants to marry summer rains pop
  3. She has no friends
  4. She is a old friend of summer's pop
  5. She wants pops money
  6. She wants to live with pop because she is homeless
  7. She kills people and pop is one her of  victims
  8. She is a robber and she want to rob him

Town by Evan