Tuesday, June 20, 2017

my book review

Title - James and the Giant Peach. Written by Roald Dahl. Illustrated by Quentin Blake


James - James is the main character of the story. He is a young boy who lives with his aunts because his parents have died.

Aunt Spike - James Aunt who is tall and lean. She spits when she speaks and is always yelling at James and punishing him.

Aunt Sponge - The other Aunt James’ ives with and she is round , short has small pink and is despicably mean to James.

The Centipede - the Centipede is one of the creatures that appears in the giant peach. He has 42 legs and loves the 42 boots that he wears on his feet.

Miss Spider - Miss Spider looks freaky but is actually a very nice person inside.

Earthworm - his is long and blind is always worried that the peach is doomed.

Old Green Grasshopper - he is a wise old creature with lots of talents that include playing the violin with his legs.

Ladybug - she is proud of her 9 spots because most ladybugs have less spots than her.

Silkworm - Silkworm is a hero in the story. She is often sleeping but she saved the peach by spinning her silk to tie the balloons to the peach.

Glowworm - the gloworm provides light for the adventurers on their magical journey


James is a young boy who was orphaned when his parents died after a rhino escaped from the zoo. He was sent to live with his Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge who were despicably mean to him. James has been incredibly lonely ever since. Luckily a few years later an old man appears in the garden and gives James magical stones. The old man says to go inside put then in hot water and then drink them but James drops them by accident beside the old peach tree causing the peach tree to grow a gigantic peach which has the creatures inside.

The aunts can believe their luck and try to make money from people coming to see the peach. James is sent outside one night to clean up and he sees a hole in the side of the peach. He crawls up inside it until he bangs against a hard surface which happens to be the peach stone where there is a door. He goes inside the door and there he meets the magnificent creatures.

The next morning James wakes up to find that the peach is beginning to roll off the hill, it keeps rolling knocking over things in its path until it reaches the sea.

Sharks attack the peach so the silkworm spins some silk and they capture 105 seagulls and tie the silk threads to them so it lifts the peach out of the water and into the sky.

Here they come across the evil cloud men who try to destroy the peach and the creatures.

Eventually the giant peach arrives at New York City and comes to rest on the steeple of the Empire State Building.

James and the creatures are all heros and go on to do many successful things in their lives.

How I Got This Book

I was given a book voucher for my 9th birthday by my grandmother for Wardinis Book Shop. My Mum said she loved this book as a child so I went to Wardinis to use my voucher and buy it.

Why I LIke It

I love this book because it is a magical adventure about some amazing creatures and James who was very lonely until he meet the creatures who saved him.

I rate this book 10/10 because it is the type of book I love to read, I would recommend this book for ages 8 - 11 year olds.



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