Thursday, June 1, 2017

About me

All about me.
Dogs i always have loved dogs and i always will. Because when i was a kid i had a dog and he was my best friend. And now i don't see him any more. Because one day we moved and that was the saddest day of my life. And ye
And now dogs are my life. Millie and Maddy is my BFFs and we both love dogs. And our dogs are twins we only found that out
This year and we were so happy. Now we always play together now. This year i'm getting a black labrador my old dog was a black lab we always get black labs. And fox terriers. And i almost know every breds. And i don't just lloovvee dog i also love horses. I go to tuke equine and i ride a horse called kiry. She is so nice i'm always. Ride she was one of the first horses that i have ride but not the first.
I ride with maddy there my friend and yhe.Millie and my dog are sister and brother!  And that is so fun. Poppy is millie's dog she is a girl and eday is my dog he is a boy. And my best friend. And i know i will always miss him. And he will always be close to my heart and i will always be close to him. I love dogs there my furry friends. I really miss eady

And that is my story this week.!!!!!!!!!! It is a sad story.

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